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   One day with us can save the rest of Your life!


About Us

JK Driving Center AB:s concentrate it’s business towards Advanced Drivers Training. Our customers are foremost those who work in an environment where they might encounter some sort of threat situation and want to ensure themselves that they have the adequate training to avoid and make a threat more difficult to successfully accomplish against themselves or their employer.

We have also clients who work under difficult and stressful conditions and therefore need highly qualified training and thereby lessen the risks in everyday traffic.

We also provide a traffic safety course. This is a one day course that is aimed towards regular drivers. If you do a lot of driving in private and / or at duty this is the course for you.

We have a solid and well documented experience within these areas and are therefore able to offer a complete solution to Swedish and foreign corporations, embassies, authorities and organizations.

JK Driving Centers philosophies are:

  • to be the leading education facility within this very special area of education

  • to develop and provide new thinking within these highly specialized courses

  • to keep the highest standards and flexibility at our courses

  • to provide job-related courses designed to fulfill your special requirements based on your own operation and work situation.

At our training center our clients have access to vehicles, tracks and areas that are well suited for these types of special courses.

We believe that through our training program we provide a safer and more secure working environment for you and your co-workers.

Among our clients are;

Protection professionals, emergency medical teams, security corporations, private corporations, embassies, authorities and organizations. Today we have clients from a large number of European countries.





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