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JK Drivingcenter has provided training to ambulance drivers in Kosovo.


During the autumn we were asked to facilitate training to ambulance personnel working for the EU mission in Kosovo. Together with the client we worked out a proposal that was exclusively developed for their internal requirements. The result was a course that will secure future internal competence. Thanks to the fact that we were a partner during the planning stage and could influence the discussion this turned out to be a training that will benefit the mission for years to come.


Both international and local staff participated in the course that contained both theoretical and practical elements.


The course gave the participants the tools and knowledge that is required in order to secure the basic internal training of future ambulance personnel.


The course was conducted with a very satisfying result!


This was shown in the course evaluation that followed. Both JK Drivingcenter and the newly trained instructors got the highest marks during this evaluation.















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