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Protective Drivers

The aim with this special course is that the clients should develop their security awareness and their ability to, in a tactical and secure way, handle their vehicle in critical situations. Therefore our clients can, after graduation, be integrated into your present security structure and able to handle the vehicle in a tactical, safe, economical and comfortable way in different traffic situations. Over 80% of the course is spent in our vehicles practice the practical and realistic elements in our courses. Our instructor/client ratio is high in order to provide maximum attention to every individual client and his or hers specific needs.

Clients are protection professionals, close protection teams, CEO drivers, embassy drivers, military staff etc.

  • Basic Protective Drivers course

  • Continuation course

  • Winter course

You are welcome to contact us for more specific information regarding our courses above and 2005 years schedule.

Please note that this course is only available to corporations, embassies, authorities and organizations. This course is not available for private citizens and due to the security aspect certain reference control of presumptive clients might take place.


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Protective Drivers


Protective Drivers


Protective Drivers 


Protective Drivers





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