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   One day with us can save the rest of Your life!


Traffic Safety Training

One day with us can save the rest of your life!


When you took your drivers permit you learned to be careful in the traffic. We will teach you the rest.


This is a course that is designed for “regular” drivers, drivers who spend a lot of time on the road privately and / or on duty.

Have you ever tried to apply full brakes in, let’s say, 70, 90 or 110 km’s and by doing this felt the forces in motion? Have you ever tried to avoid an obstacle in a bend at the above mentioned speeds and compared a vehicle with and without ABS and ESP (Electronic Stability Program)?

During a day with us you will, under secure circumstances, practice different situations that are usual causes in an accident. You will understand the signification of speed in a crisis situation and test the vehicles security systems like ABS and ESP.

You will come to us to do a lot of driving. This is what you will do almost during the whole day. Although there will be some subjects that we think are important in classroom lessons. Therefore we begin the day with a moment in the classroom where we will discuss loading safety, distraction while driving, active and passive security.

We will not reveal all the elements in advance but, we are, by experience, convinced that you will find the day both useful and fun with quite a few experiences that will stay with you for several miles to come. Please contact us to make a booking or receive further information.

We enjoy the pleasure of driving and we are sure you do the same.

  • Basic summer course

  • Winter course

  • Steg 2 utbildning

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Traffic Safety Training


Traffic Safety Training


Traffic Safety Training


Traffic Safety Training




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